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Stake Crypto & Stablecoins .

Build your wealth with CryptoVersAds effortlessly with leading rates on BTC, USDT, BCH, MATIC, DOGE, TON, LTC and more assests with up to 348% ROI(Return of Investment).Your interest is automatically paid hourly which grows your assets faster over time. Our members have enjoyed earning interest since 2023 with uninterrupted access to their funds.

Rent BNB Miners.

CryptoVersAds is a platform designed for users who prioritize long-term profits and sustainability over quick gains that often result in losses for other participants. Unlike farms, miners cannot be bought or sold, instead, they are hired to work for the user indefinitely, providing an unlimited amount of BNB at a daily rate of 4.33% up to 8% of the Total Value Invested (TVI).

Yield Farm Program.

Yield Farm simplifies the process of earning negative interest rates on DeFiChain. Rather than spending time to understand the complexities involved in the process or taking on the risk of making mistakes and losing funds, you simply need to allocate funds into Yield Farm, sit back, relax and enjoy the rewards generated.
Each Smart Contract has the base interest rate starting from 2.00% up to 9.00% per day(profit is accrued every 60 minutes and paid instantly into your main balance), but according to a progressive scale starting from Level 1 up to Level 32, the more funds are staked in Yield Farm, the higher your daily income will be.

Cloud Mining.

CryptoVersAds is affordable and easy-to-use cloud mining service. If you’re looking to mine Bitcoin Cash, Binance Token or Ethereum, we are a great choice, allowing you to mine cryptocurrencies without owning any equipment.

For Advertisers on CryptoVersAds.

CryptoVersAds operates on a peer-to-peer network, facilitating direct interactions between advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can create campaigns and specify their target audience, while publishers can monetize their websites or apps by displaying these ads. Transactions are executed using cryptocurrencies, ensuring fast and secure payments.

Unique clicks

Our system prevents fraud by blocking clicks by proxy and by allowing only 1 click per IP.

Detailed statistic

Easily track progress of your Ads in our Advertisers panel and edit your Ad anytime.

Varioud Ad Formats

Advertise in various Ad formats such as PTC Ads, PTSU Tasks, Text Ads and Banners.

GEO Targeting

Restrict you Ads within your selected geolocations you want your Ads to be advertised.

Secure Payment

Pay securily through payment processors via our secured payment service

Fraud Detection

Our system detect proxy and fake user block the access.

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