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Bearish or Bullish before the BTC Halving?
Published on 14-04-2024


Unleash Next-Level Earning Efficiency with Supporter memberships!
Published on 12-04-2024

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Guaranteed Return on Investment: Each Supporter Membership plan is designed to return your investment after the end of the membership period, thanks to earnings from Daily Ads and faucet Claims. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your investment is not just secure but also profitable!

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HOLD TUSD & Earn Promo!
Published on 10-04-2024


Latest news!
Published on 09-04-2024

Attention Cryptoversads Members!

Exciting news awaits! We're thrilled to announce a fantastic opportunity for all our members to supercharge their earnings with our upgraded membership accounts!

Starting today, you can unlock up to 10 guaranteed daily ads from 11 diverse cryptocurrencies right here on Cryptoversads. Each daily ad holds a substantial value of $0.005 for each currency, offering you a steady stream of earnings.

But that's not all! Upgrading your membership account gives you access to an exclusive feature: the ability to multiply your earnings by up to a whopping 1300% with just a single click! Imagine the possibilities for your crypto portfolio!

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Best regards,

1 Year Celebration - Yield Farm promo!
Published on 02-04-2024


1 Year Celebration!
Published on 30-03-2024


Supporter Membership Changes & Promotion
Published on 27-03-2024

Dear members,

CryptoVersAds is happy to announce that from now on, BTC, ETH, BCH, BNB, LTC, SOL, USDT, TUSD & USDC Faucets will have their own earning rates and an independent number of claims from other currencies.
Due to the high price value increase from BTC, ETH, BCH, BNB, LTC, and SOL, our members will recover their investment in Supporter memberships only from these faucets, so we needed to make some changes that our members to recover their investments plus to have a high profit from these faucets.
Not only will our members recover their investments, but their payment rewards from these faucets will be paid directly to the FaucetPay wallet
The above Faucets will have the following earning rates:

  • BTC Faucet between 2 and 5 Satoshi multiplied up to 350% and up to 96 claims daily.
  • ETH Faucet between 195 and 975 Gwei multiplied up to 400% and up to 120 claims daily.
  • BCH Faucet between 20 and 100 Satoshi multiplied up to 400% and up to 154 claims daily.
  • BNB Faucet between 50 and 150 Jager multiplied up to 700% and up to 154 claims daily.
  • LTC Faucet between 150 and 550 Litoshi multiplied up to 950% and up to 192 claims daily.
  • SOL Faucet between 1000 and 2500 Lamport multiplied up to 950% and up to 192 claims daily.
  • USDT Faucet between 0.0001 and 0.00025 USD multiplied up to 700% and up to 96 claims daily.

Let's say you don't believe me that you can recover your investment from these Faucets.
I will make a small demonstration, let's say that I upgrade my account to Elite Supporter at the current price from the actual promotion where I receive a discount of 20% so I will pay 1.236 BNB

1.236 BNB it will be approx 704.56 USD at this moment.

Let's suppose that I will, earn each time 3 satoshis (0.002 USD) for the BTC Faucet
0.002 x 350% x 96 claims x 365 days = 245.28 USD at this moment

Let's suppose that I will, earn each time 3 satoshis (0.0017 USD) for the ETH Faucet
0.0017 x 400% x 120 claims x 365 days = 297.84 USD at this moment

Let's suppose that I will, earn each time 50 satoshis (0.00026 USD) for the BCH Faucet
0.00026 x 400% x 154 claims x 365 days = 58.48 USD at this moment

Let's suppose that I will, earn each time 75 Jager (0.0004 USD) for the BNB Faucet
0.0004 x 700% x 154 claims x 365 days = 157.38 USD at this moment

Let's suppose that I will, earn each time 300 Litoshis (0.00028 USD) for the LTC Faucet
0.00028 x 950% x 192 claims x 365 days = 186.41 USD at this moment

Let's suppose that I will, earn each time 1000 Lamport (0.00018 USD) for the SOL Faucet
0.00018 x 950% x 192 claims x 365 days = 119.83 USD at this moment

Let's suppose that I will, earn each time 0.00015 USD for the USDT Faucet
0.00015 x 700% x 96 claims x 365 days = 36.79 USD at this moment

So let's make a final calculation for these 7 Faucets after 365 days for Elite Supporter
245.28 + 297.84 + 58.48 + 157.38 + 186.41 + 119.83 + 36.79 = 1102.01 USD

I will deduct from the entire amount that I will have after 365 days the amount I have paid for the Elite Supporter.
1102.01 - 704.56 = 397.45 USD

After the end of the period, I will have a pure profit of 397.45$

But all of this is only from 7 Faucets that CryptoVersAds has instant rewards directly to Faucetpay, but CryptoVersAds provides instant rewards directly to FaucetPay for 16 currencies, from where I didn't make the calculation.

I will let you decide if it is profitable or not to upgrade your membership plan to a Supporter plans.

If you think that you make a profit with us or not, until 31st of March you will have up to 20% Discount to all Supporter plans.




Daily Advertisements Added!
Published on 21-03-2024

Dear members,

I'm proud to announce, that we have added Daily Advertisements for 6 currencies for the moment.
The Daily Advertisements are in the beta phase and currently can be surfed in iFrame mode, in the next phase the Daily Ads can be surfed in New Windows mode and iFrame mode.

In the beta phase, you can advertise the Daily Advertisements only for BNB currency. Until the end of the month, this will be added the option to purchase Daily Advertisements in the following currencies: TON, BTC, LTC, BCH, and SOL.

Supporter members will earn up to 1300% per click from the Daily Advertisements and up to 300% from the referral click from the Daily Advertisements.

The members who want to advertise in the Daily Advertisements can do it from here: Advertise on Daily Ads

For members who want to earn up to 1300% per click from the Daily Advertisements, upgrade your membership type from here: Upgrade your membership plan here!

Enjoy the news and stay tuned for more news!


Earn Bitcoin in passive Mode!
Published on 10-03-2024


Celebrate Women's Day with Exclusive Benefits!
Published on 08-03-2024

Dear members,

As we honor and celebrate Women's Day, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible women who inspire, empower, and uplift us every day. In recognition of this special occasion, we're thrilled to introduce a limited-time promotion for our Supporter memberships!

Join us in our mission to champion equality, diversity, and empowerment by becoming a Supporter today and enjoy exclusive benefits tailored just for you:

* Instant FaucetPay Access: Gain instant rewards from 16 faucets directly to your FaucetPay wallet.

* Discounts Galore: Enjoy up to 50% off on all Supporter memberships, making it easier than ever to show your support for our mission of empowerment and equality.

*High Rewards Tier 2 on Staking: Take advantage of our enhanced rewards program with High Rewards Tier 2 on staking, allowing you to earn even more while supporting causes that matter.

* Skyrocket Your Earnings: Elevate your earning potential with our Faucets and viewing ads, offering returns of up to an incredible 1400%! It's a fantastic opportunity to maximize your rewards while making a positive impact.

Empowerment in Action: By becoming a Supporter, you're not just unlocking benefits for yourself; you're also contributing to meaningful change and empowerment initiatives that uplift women globally.

This Woman's Day, let's come together to celebrate the achievements, resilience, and strength of women everywhere. Your support as a member amplifies our collective voice and drives meaningful change for a more inclusive and equitable future.

Ready to join us as a Supporter and unlock these exclusive benefits? Visit the Supporter Membership Page and select the Supporter option to get started!

Let's continue to uplift, empower, and inspire each other today and every day.

The promotion is available only today 8th March. After this day the 50% discount on all supporter memberships will be removed and the prices will have the normal price.

Happy Woman's Day!

Warm regards,